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About Vizslas


Canadian Vizsla Breed Standard (Smooth) click here for link to breed standards onVizsla Canada website


Vizslas are beautiful but that is not a reason to get one. 


Vizslas were bred to be a close range hunting dog. They are high energy  and need daily exercise with room to run in a safe environment. 


Vizslas are a soft dog . They are smart and learn quickly, if you train them with positive reinforcement.


Vizslas need cuddle time with their people - every day. They earned their nickname “Velcro Vizsla”.   


Vizslas are a not independent and will become a nuisance if ignored, left out in the backyard or kennel run. 


Vizslas are not a fit for everyone! Do your research to find the breed that best fits your lifestyle, personality and expectations. A dog is a lifetime commitment.  


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