Georgi Girl 2015

  Aurelia Reg’d Vizslas

“Echo” GCH Aurelia’s Northrn Echo Point RI, FDJ,


Echo’s Certified Health Tests

CHIC# 115529  (click for OFA)

Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Thyroid - Normal

Cardiac - Normal

Eyes - Normal

Height ~ 21”

Weight ~ 44 lbs

DOB June 18, 2014

~ Handled, Owned & Loved by Brenda & Glenn ~

Pedigree (click for Vizsla Database)

Dam: “Lynde” CH Toldin’s I Hope You Dance CGN, CD, RAE, FDJ, CREMCL-CRNT-CRBN

Sire: “Mojo” Can RBIS GCH Am MBISS GCHS Renaissance Kiss's Casanova JH ROM

Echo participates in Conformation, Field, Tracking & Scent Work. She is a super fun girl who has her mother’s zippy personality. She has a beautiful free stack and loves speed. 

Echo has a passion for finding birds and snuggling under blankets.

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